About Siena Duplan

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I am a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon pursuing my Master's in Data Analytics. I received a B.S. in Statistics and a minor in Philosophy with UCLA's class of 2015.

Prior to my graduate studies, I was a data scientist on the People Analytics team at Salesforce. My team used knowledge within data science, computer science, and social/behavioral science to find, develop, and retain Salesforce's greatest asset–its people. My work includes applying principles of statistics to clean qualitative and quantitative datasets and building predictive classification and regression models to discover what drives/limits employee performance and wellbeing. I'm a big fan of data visualization, data art, and data transparency... basically, data everything. I mainly work in R to clean and model data and d3.js for data visualization.

My goals are to make data accessible, actionable, and engaging even to non-statistical audiences. Also, I am always interested in pro-bono volunteering opportunities that benefit k-12 students.

If you are interested in my professional background, visit my LinkedIn. To contact me, send me an email. Also, I'm on Twitter!